Planet earth our mother, our home. Gaia, a name from Greek mythology for the goddess of the earth. A complex living entity. She is a dynamic web of systems involving the earth’s atmosphere, biosphere, oceans, and soil. Our planet acts as a whole to create and maintain optimum conditions for life to exist. The whole world is undergoing a change, a crisis of transformation individually and collectively as a global community.

The old vision and old paradigm of perceiving our world as unrelated separate parts is causing imbalance within us and our planet. Within this chaos, a new vision is emerging where the consciousness of humanity can interact with nature. A vision where we perceive our world as a web of relationships and interconnected systems that nurture and sustain each other.

Let us embrace the earth as a living entity, to see a broader picture that includes function and relationship. We invite you to share our vision of a more holistic approach to living. A global community supporting, nurturing and sustaining each other. Our focus will be on environmental awareness, nutrition, herbalism, life styles and the ongoing spiritual awakening of the planet.