Gemstone Properties

Gemstones and crystals have been used for centuries to assist people with healing and reconnecting with the Divine. Gemstones and crystals are believed to enhance our own natural healing and psychic abilities. The following are some basic metaphysical properties of gemstones used in my designs. If you are interested in learning more about the healing properties of crystals and gemstones I recommend reading “Love Is In The Earth” by Melody.

Alexandrite – Enhances the rebirth of the inner and outer self. Promotes awareness.

Amber – A powerful healing energy. Purifies and enhances spiritual growth and transforms negative energies into positive, allowing the body to heal itself.

Amethyst – Promotes spiritual awareness and awakening. Balances the energies of body, mind, and spirit. Amethyst is said to aide one in meditation and dreaming. It is also known as a protective stone.

Angelite – Promotes love, compassion and healing. It also enhances communication with the angelic realms and animal spirit guides. It is said to be helpful in aiding telepathic communication between two people when each is carrying a stone when separated.

Apatite – Enhances communication and encourages one to achieve one’s goals. Highly psychic.

Aquamarine – Helps to banish fear and calm one’s nerves. Enhances strength and self-control.

– Excellent healing stone. Promotes courage, strength and revitalizes our energies on all levels. Helps one to live in the present moment. Used by the ancients as a way to connect and communicate with their ancestors in the spiritual realm.

Blue Lace Agate
– Soothing soft energy. Promotes grace and inspiration in one’s life.

Carnelian – This stone enhances ones physical energy and also helps speed up the process of releasing sorrow and trauma. Promotes the energies of creativity, compassion and courage.

Charoite – The Russians first discovered this stone in 1947. It cleanses your aura and accelerates spiritual growth. Place this stone beneath your pillow at night to assist with disturbing dreams, especially those where you experience fear.

Chrysocolla – Promotes balanced expression and open communication with others. Enhances ones abilities to attune to Mother Earth’s energies. This stone encourages the realignment of mind, body and spirit.

– This mineral is good for spiritual protection and often used to align the chakras with the ethereal plane.

– Assists in attracting the energies of abundance and wealth. This stone balances and aligns the chakras. Promotes creativity, optimism, intuition, and inspiration.

Clear Quartz – A great all purpose stone. Quartz amplifies the energies of all other stones. Enhances healing and communication with the elemental kingdom, animal kingdom, guides and angels.

Emerald – This stone is used to open, activate and stimulate the heart chakra and is a symbol for love and good fortune. Emeralds also assist those in need of balance, healing and promotes peaceful dreams. It also enhances psychic abilities, raises consciousness, and has great healing powers.

Fluorite – Encourages objectivity, intuitiveness and focus. Enhances our abilities to remove unwanted energies and assist us with bringing our mind, body and spirit into balance and harmony.

Garnet – Promotes healing and protection. Assist one in manifesting what is needed in order to heal.

Green Aventurine – Promotes healing and soothes troubled emotions. Clears, activates and opens the heart chakra. Enhances ones creativity and brings good luck.

Hematite – This is a great grounding stone. It helps one to transform negative energies into positive. Balances the meridians of the body and encourages peace and tranquility.

Howlite – Promotes inner strength and character. Assists one in working on releasing judgments and selfishness. Enhances the release of stress and anger.

– This stone is considered one of the major stones for the third eye and crown area for healing and guided meditations. It is said to be a very powerful “shaman” stone, which enhances shamanic healing, shamanic journeying and soul retrieval. It also assists and stimulates a healers intuitive abilities and communication with the higher self.

Jade – Many cultures consider jade a sacred stone. It is said to enhance one’s ability to interpret dreams and assist one in manifesting their dreams. Promotes healing, devotion, confidence and self-esteem.

Jasper – a very nurturing and protective stone. It helps one align their chakras and also helps you to ground with the energies of The Mother Earth. It is said to also calm dysfunctional energies and help with eliminating negativity from one’s life. Encourages spiritual awareness and assists one in astral travel.

– This mineral actives the heart chakra and aligns the heart chakra with the throat and third eye chakra. It is a high level stone and strengthens the auras of spiritual healers and teachers. It can also be used to deepen altered states of consciousness. Pink kunzite dissolves negativity and automatically raises the vibrations of the area surrounding it. Kunzite is one of the few stones, which can align the seven chakras within a twenty-four hour period.

Kyanite – This is one of those stones, which never ever needs clearing or cleaning, and it also aligns all the chakras automatically and immediately. It is often used for the throat and third eye chakras, but you may also find it beneficial to place blue kyanite just below the heart chakra and black kyanite near the root chakra. This is an excellent stone for meditation, dream recall and shamanic work because it gives protection during these states of consciousness.

Labradorite – This stone was first found in Labrador Canada in 1770 among the ancient artifacts of the Red Painted People of Maine. It is said to protect the aura and keeps the aura clear, balanced, and free from energy leaks. This stone is good for shadow work allowing us to bring light to our shadow self and believed to provide relief from anxiety, hopelessness and depression.

Lapis Lazuli – This stone was highly prized by the ancient Egyptians and sacred to the Goddess Isis. Lapis is said to have existed before “time was born”, and may assist one in gaining access to the Akashic Records. This stone activates and energizes the third eye and the throat chakra. It also assists one in developing insight into ones dreams providing a connection with your dream guides, and is said to shield the wearer from harmful energies by clearing the aura.

Lepidolite – This stone activates the throat, heart and third eye chakras. It is also known as the vacuum cleaner of negative energies. It is useful for gridding ones environment promoting a calming and peaceful effect. I also use rose lepidolite for locating energy blockages within the body and for draining off excess electrical energies.

Malachite – clears and activates all the chakras. Encourages insight and clarification to promote the release of negative energies.

Moldavite – This stone enhances spiritual growth and psychic awakening and is considered to be a potent healer. Moldavite is a stone of transformation and is believed by some to be associated with the Holy Grail, a talisman falling from the sky to heal the earth. It is an excellent protection stone for spiritual healers.

Moss Agate – Aides one in balancing the emotions and healing the heart chakra. Promotes a positive outlook and may be used to enhance plant growth.

Obsidian – a great stone for protection, healing, and grounding. Enhances one’s connection to the Mother Earth. Aides one in meditation and brings about purification on all levels.

Onyx – A stone of protection, helping one in connecting with their guides, totems, angels and the Great Divine. Encourages strength, will power, happiness and good fortune.

Opal – The Native American Indian has used it to invoke visions and the Aboriginal Australians use it during ceremonial “Dream-time”. It is a stone of renewal and helps guide one on their journey through life. It offers connection between the self and inner knowing and also assists one in releasing old patterns and the trauma of old wounds. It is an excellent spiritual activator teaching love and nonviolence.

Pearls – Pearls were considered sacred in ancient times and said to attune the wearer to the ebb and flow of life. They also protect one from harm and promote love, truth, charity, integrity and faith. White pearls are associated with the 7th chakra, which governs the highest brain centers allowing oneness with God, Goddess, The Divine, Peace and Wisdom. Pearls are also used for healing blocked and damaged chakras. They are for spiritual transformation and help assist us with receiving spiritual guidance.

Peridot – Cleanses, protects and shields the aura. Promotes happiness and aides one in releasing anger/or jealousy. Assists one with the release of energies or patterns, which are no longer useful.

Rainbow Moonstone – Brings good fortune and cleanses one of negativity. Promotes one’s intuitive abilities.

Rhodochrosite – Promotes love and balance on all levels. Enhances one’s meditation and expansion of consciousness. Helps with the balancing of emotions and enhances one’s ability to connect with the energies of The Mother Earth. Accelerates the expansion of consciousness.

Rhodonite – This stone is very calming and soothing. Assists one in achieving their highest potential by dispelling anxiety and fear. Encourages compassion and generosity.

Rose quartz – It promotes love, forgiveness, peace and self-acceptance. Soothes the emotions and helps in the opening of the heart chakra, promoting unconditional love of self and others.

Ruby – The ruby is believed to be an excellent power shield against harmful intentions and said to protect you against psychic or physical attack. It stimulates the heart chakra and encourages love, gentleness, wisdom and understanding. It also enhances healing, dreaming and access to information from ones spiritual guides.

Rutilated Quartz – Enhances energies in other stones.

Smoky Quartz – An excellent protection stone. Promotes grounding and the removal of negative energies. Enhances intuition, creativity and joy. Assists one in communicating with the spiritual beings of other realms. Very powerful!

Sugilite – Enhances physical healing and reduces stress. Promotes emotional balance and strengthens the heart.

Tanzanite – This is a stone of magic, facilitates spiritual awareness and insights.

Tigers Eye – A great protection stone and helps one to achieve clarity. Promotes good business endeavors.

Topaz – Enhances tissue regeneration. Promotes clear communication and understanding. Stimulates the creative thinking process.

Tourmaline – Paraiba Tourmalines enhance well-being, promote inner-strength, spiritual inspiration and encourage a desire to help and support others – a stone for healers –
This stone is used to align the heart, throat and third eye.

Tourmaline – A great healing stone. Relieves fatigue and encourages restful sleep. Enhances love for self and others.
Turquoise – Master healing stone. Encourages healing on all levels. Healer of the spirit.  Also wonderful stone for protection. It enhances communication with the spirit world and promotes inner strength, wisdom, trust, and kindness for all our relations.