Meditation is simply a way to quiet the mind. Meditation allows us to increase our awareness, and helps us to develop self-understanding. There are many forms of meditation, such as watching a sunset, walking along a secluded beach by the ocean, sitting still and erect on a chair or lying on your back.

To begin, you may concentrate and focus on your breathing, a candle flame, a word, and an object or simply empty your mind of all-distracting thoughts and chatter. You may practice meditation alone, or with others. Studies show that meditation is very beneficial for healing and relieving stress. Practice mediation whenever you need a break. You will find it can refresh your body, clear your mind, and uplift the soul.

Relaxation will help you to achieve the best results from your meditation practice. You may also do deep relaxation anytime you need quick relief from tension and stress. You may either sit erect or lie down on your back, using a pillow beneath your knees for support. Begin by taking several deep breaths. Release any tension in your body.

Slowly relax your jaw, your neck, your shoulders, and your lower back, just let go. Become very aware of and relax the following parts of your body … Relax completely your feet … calves … thighs … the lower back … upper back. Relax the abdomen … chest … shoulders … neck … jaw … eyes … upper arms … forearms … your hands. Relax the muscles of your face … tongue … and scalp. Determine if you have entirely relaxed each of these areas, relax and deepen. Enjoy this state of quiet awareness.

Guidelines for Meditation Practice

  • Try to practice daily, because the effect of meditation and relaxation is cumulative.
  • Choose a time when you can be alone and completely quiet.
  • Try to practice the same time each day, if possible.
  • Create a pleasant, quiet meditation space in which to practice. Try some incense, flowers, plants, and a water fountain to create an ambiance to refresh spirit.
  • Choose one or more meditation exercises and practice them often.

After experimenting with a few, you can then choose what works best for you.