Water Fountains

Imagine the sound of raindrops falling on leaves or the soothing sound of a babbling brook. Can you close your eyes and hear the sound in your mind? Can you feel it in your heart and soul?

Imagine the sound of a waterfall, feel the soft mist on your face.

Picture yourself standing on the beach, listening to the ocean waves singing its song.

Water is one of the most powerful elements on earth. Water is essential for our existence. It cleanses and nourishes our mind, body, and spirit. Water helps to quench our thirst and wash away the dirt and grime of everyday life.

Bringing a water fountain indoors provides a myriad of opportunities to enhance your home with sounds that soothe, delight and encourage relaxation and healing. Water fountains are a good way of masking unwanted noise pollution. High traffic areas such as work places, shopping malls, offices, all benefit from the use of water fountains.

We have a fountain in our bedroom and the soft splashing sound of water lulls us to sleep every night. Water always seems to lure my inner child back into my busy life. Running, flowing, dripping, and spattering. Water is simply life. It nourishes us, soothes, cradles, calms and revives us.

Most of the simple water fountains I have seen are fairly expensive. However, finding and purchasing a waterproof ceramic bowl can make an inexpensive water fountain. You will also need a small water fountain pump, some pretty stones, a couple of larger pieces of rock, plastic tubing and a decorative water spout. It’s very simple and easy to do.

The best resources I have found for my water fountain supplies are home improvement stores and large garden nurseries. Check out your local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores for ceramic bowls, unusual glass or ceramic figurines and anything else you may want to add to your fountain. I have also purchased bags of rose quartz, volcanic rock and seashells at my local lapidary store. Over the past few years I’ve made about four or five of these fountains, each one has its own uniqueness. I made a crystal fountain using crystal quartz, amethyst and rose quartz, with a large crystal ball as the focal point. Another fountain has small polished river stones and a weathered ceramic frog as the waterspout.

A friend uses special fountain lights to enhance her creations. Bamboo may be used as a decorative feature and also makes a wonderful waterspout. Place some houseplants and statuary around the outside of the bowl, maybe a mirror to reflect the greenery and you have created your own private water sanctuary. There are many beautiful water fountains available and I suggest checking these out. You may choose to purchase one of these or at the very least get an idea of what kind of fountain you would like to create. There is nothing like a water fountain to create a sense of refuge in your home.