Chakra means, “wheel of light” in Sanskrit. Chakras are invisible centers of spinning energy that run along our spine. The Chakras each have a specific name, symbol, location, color, tone, element, and sense associated with it. There are seven major Chakras along the spine, and they concentrate and coordinate the flow of life force in and out of the body. This life force is the electromagnetic force field that surrounds all living things. When a Chakra is healthy, it is open, the rate of spin is balanced and the color vibrant. If a Chakra is blocked, the rate of spin is unbalanced, there is a lack of vibrancy to its color and the energy moving through it is sluggish. It is interesting to note that these Chakra centers match up to the endocrine centers in the body.

As we study the chakra system, we will acquire a better understanding of it and how we can dissolve blockages before they manifest as disease on the physical plane. This article is merely a foundation from which to build, enabling you to view the chakras as a way to process and understand your internal and external worlds. We will look at how our emotional outlook and mind talk can influence our health for better or worse. There are several good books listed below that will help you further your studies. The subtle energy that we will be working with is often referred to as Prana, Ch’i, Ki, Qi, or human energy field. This is the unseen life force, vital force or the divine cosmic breath that permeates and sustains everything in our universe.

The chakras are very important focal points of maximum energy intake. Balance within these energy systems is essential for good health. When these energy focal points are imbalanced, disease may result. We begin by looking at the Chakras, their locations and associative energies.

First Chakra: also called “the root chakra.” Located at the base of the spine. This is the chakra linked to our survival instincts and our ability to ground ourselves in our every day world. The root chakra also deals with our perceptions of community, and family. This is the foundation of our spirits home, our physical body. Discernment of our inner truths, our core beliefs are essential when working with this chakra. This is where we communicate and connect with our physical world, body and other people. Blockage manifests as fear of physical survival, abandonment, self-absorption, or withdrawal from physical reality.

Second Chakra:
located just below the navel. This chakra is related to energy flow, especially the energies of sexuality and creativity. It also is associated with our need to reproduce our species, our lust for life. Here we work on manifesting our dreams, our creative yearnings. This is also where we feel the “fight or flight” response to danger. Our need for relationships with others and emotional connections are strong in this chakra. Control issues can imbalance this chakra. Blockages may manifest as sexual guilt, emotional imbalances, and fear of loss of control, sexual abuse issues or fear of being controlled.

Third Chakra:
Located behind the solar plexus gives us a sense of our personal power in the external world. This chakra is the powerhouse of action, personal powers and will. Here we awaken the virtue of truth; we perceive falsehood and deception in others as well as ourselves. This is also where we work on areas that really touch our hearts. We can begin to understand our relationships with others on a deeper level. We gain great insight when we begin to awaken understanding within ourselves and see others as an extension of ourselves. Here we can begin the process of empowering rather than power over. Our choice makes the difference in this chakra. This chakra is also a psychic hot spot; we pick up others emotional energies, impressions and information. We also communicate strong emotionally charged energies from this chakra, and can affect other people through this center. Blockages in this area manifest as anger, dishonesty, and fear of responsibility. In the first three lower chakras, we often experience isolated, sporadic cases of precognition, telepathy, and astral projection.

Fourth Chakra: The heart chakra, located at the center of the chest under the breastbone. The ability to love, to share and care is associative with this chakra. Here is where we encounter the Divine. Love in its purest form. This is the home of mercy, forgiveness and unconditional love. The heart chakra connects the three lower Chakras with the three higher Chakras. In this Chakra, we begin to awaken true psychic abilities and exhibit conscious use and control of these, such as enhanced empathic and healing abilities. We begin to truly love, and accept ourselves and understand that self is everywhere. There are no boundaries, separation, I am in you and you are in me. This Chakra gives us the ability to express love and experience emotional well – being. We learn to give love unconditionally and how to receive unconditional love. Blockages in this Chakra can manifest as lack of love in our lives, lack of compassion and empathy for others. Heart problems and immune system dysfunction are the most common physical manifestations.

Fifth Chakra:
located in the throat area. This is the area of creativity, communication and self-expression, how we communicate our ideas to others, and how we receive communications from others. We are influenced by knowledge in this Chakra and our ability to use that knowledge. In this chakra we practice the discernment of behaviors and values that are acceptable and those that are not. The higher truths that we embrace ultimately influence how we behave. Charity and kindness are well developed in those that have under gone the purification and rejuvenation process of this center. When this center is activated and well balanced, we communicate easily and effectively. We become aware that every thought, action, and choice we make has a large impact on our world. The responsibility and consequences of our choices lie with us. In this chakra, we begin to experience the communication with the divine, the sacred truth. We open and accept a higher guidance and let go of judgments, expectations and fear. We begin to have faith and trust that the events in our lives have a spiritual direction. Blockages in this chakra manifest as an inability to communicate and express one’s creativity. Most illnesses have a connection with this chakra. If the Vishuddhi Chakra has awakened, even a little, the body can experience good health and rejuvenation. If the Vishuddhi is blocked the body can become diseased, leading to decay and eventually death. It is interesting to note that this chakra when awakened has the power to neutralize poisons that originate outside of the body. The thyroid gland, which corresponds closely with the throat chakra, performs an antitoxin function. In addition, telepathic abilities result in the awakening of this chakra.

Sixth Chakra: is located between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead. This chakra is linked to the pineal and pituitary glands, the eyes, ears, and nose. The sixth chakra governs most of our lower brain and nervous system. This chakra connects us to the cosmic body, the infinite mind of God/Goddess. Here we seek wisdom, divine understanding, and embrace the universal truth that “thought” comes before form. The psychic abilities associative with this chakra are intuition, telepathy, astral travel, past lives, and the ability to manipulate reality. Here we can begin to work with the ego self, helping it to recognize that the fulfillment of its highest potential is to be found through the merging of the higher self with the Divine. When we become one with the Divine, we can let go of our misconceptions of who we think we are, who we ought to be or become. There is no need for pretense or illusion. This is the Christ consciousness center where we see ourselves in everyone and everything. Blockages in this chakra may manifest as agitation, fear, emotional and mental confusion, irrational intuitions, insomnia, anxiety and persistent headaches.

Seventh Chakra:
The seventh chakra is the crown chakra and is our direct connection to spirit. When this chakra is balanced we understand our relationship with the universe and allow our spirituality to become an integral part of our lives. Here the life force flows and nourishes the mind, body and spirit. The energies of this chakra are linked with the central nervous system, brain, pineal, pituitary, skin and muscular system. In the crown chakra, we encounter transcendent ideas, mystical connections, prayer, devotion, and inspiration. We experience healing abilities and faith in the Divine. We no longer fear abandonment, or loss. Instead, we seek an intimate connection to the Divine in everything we do. We live in the present moment. We embrace the Divine in everyone and everything. Blockages in this chakra may manifest as constant frustration, lack of joy, indecisiveness, and depression and fear of abandonment. When this chakra is blocked, we often encounter the “dark night of the soul”. We may also experience death when we enter the seventh chakra, the death of the person you were. You die to your old self. You see through the illusion of separation between self and spirit self; the body is simply nothing but infinite space on a subatomic level. Bodies come and go, but spirit is eternal.

Chakra Balancing:

The purpose of balancing the chakras is to dissolve any blockages before they become physical conditions. Illness first manifest in the realm of thought and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings are usually first perceived in our auras and our chakras concentrate and direct the flow of these energies in and from the physical body. If the mind and emotions continue to create blockages in the chakras, these chaotic energies will create illness, in whatever physical area most vulnerable. Chakra balancing can help to create a healing flow within the chakras, restore proper functioning and help alleviate the physical imbalance. There are many different techniques for balancing the chakras.