Chakra Color Balancing

Color Balancing:

We can align and balance by breathing color into our chakras. Each chakra has a particular color associated with it. Various systems assign different colors to the chakras. Experiment and decide for yourself what colors work best for you. Below is a chart of associative colors that I use.

  • First Chakra – Red: The color of a red apple or a brilliant red ruby.
  • Second Chakra – Orange: The color of a bright juicy orange.
  • Third chakra – Yellow: The color of a lemon or the sun.
  • Fourth Chakra – Green: The color of an evergreen tree or a green tomato.
  • Fifth Chakra – Blue: The color of a clear blue sky.
  • Sixth Chakra -Indigo: The color of the midnight sky.
  • Seventh chakra -Violet: The deep rich color of an amethyst crystal.

Begin with visualizing each chakra, as a spinning vortex of energy the direction is usually clockwise. Start with the first chakra located at the base of your spine. Visualize spinning this chakra and breathe the color red into this spinning wheel of energy.

Now move up to the second chakra and spin this wheel while visualizing a bright juicy orange color filling this chakra. Focus on this orange color and breathe deeply, letting go of any unwanted energy.

Next move up into the third chakra; spin yellow lemon light into this area. Let go of any emotional energy that may be blocking this center. Allow this sunny warm yellow light to calm and relax you. Bathe the stomach, liver, gallbladder and spleen with this color.

Now visualize a brilliant forest green color and spin this color into your heart chakra. Let this color fill you with the energy of unconditional love. Visualize this green light flowing throughout your body, healing and balancing the immune and endocrine systems.

Next move up into the throat chakra and spin a bright blue in this center. Let this blue light remove any fears or misunderstandings. This is the chakra of communication on many different levels. Breathe deeply and bathe your lungs, vocal cords and bronchial tubes with this clear blue light.

Move gently upwards and begin to spin your third eye chakra. Visualize a deep indigo color filling this spinning wheel. Become aware of the Divine energy, the Christ consciousness of this chakra. Ask yourself “who am I”? Allow this indigo light to connect you with whatever your vision of god/Goddess is. Become one with the light and the Divine.

Now move up into the crown chakra and visualize violet light spinning within this center. Feel this light transmute anger into understanding, hate into love and fear into courage. Let compassion and love flow throughout your body. Allow this energy to heal you and nourish you. Spin this violet light and visualize yourself resonating in complete alignment with the God/Goddess force.

Become aware of all your chakra centers. How do they feel? When they feel balanced, visualize white light entering the top of your head and bring this light down through each chakra. Bring this light all the way down into the first chakra, spin it around and shoot it back up through the chakras and out of the top of your crown chakra. Allow this white light to form a bubble of light around your body, surrounding yourself with the light of the Divine.