Tibetan Singing Bowls

Here is a wonderful video about using Tibetan Singing Bowls during a sound healing session at The San Diego Cancer Center.

Sunday Morning

This morning I stepped out onto the back porch with tea cup in hand and watched the rain drops gather in puddles around my boots. I love being out in the rain! Everything smells so fresh and clean and the air is invigorating. I closed my eyes and listened to the wind moving in the trees and heard Merlin (our resident scrub-jay) cracking open his acorns.

Merlin is a funny bird and fearless. I admire his courage and love his antics, one of which is his morning routine of knocking on our kitchen window with his beak when he’s hungry. What a character!

Merlin – Photo of Merlin waiting for his food.

So maybe there is a lesson here, something about not being afraid to ask for the things we truly need and want from life.

Later I wrote in my journal about how our needs and wants change as we age. How they seem to shift and morph into perceptions which are more inclusive, deeper, with more emphasis on the really important issues of life.

Every five years or so I like to take the time to assess where I am in my life and career. Below are just a sampling of a few of the questions I asked myself today.

Here are some of the questions I asked myself:

Just for today;

Where am I now in my life: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

What is really important to me?

What do I want to do with the rest of my life?

What am I passionate about?

Have I become the woman I always wanted to be?

If my life was a movie, would I want to watch it?