Favorite Stones For May

My Favorite healing stones for May ~ Stones can help us to reconnect to the healing power of the earth. They engage us with their beauty and mystery, and bring a little magic back into our lives. They can be worn as jewelry or used for meditation and healing. Here are just a few of my favorites . . .

Baltic Amber ~ is a resin, which has been used throughout the centuries as a natural traditional remedy and curative for many physical and spiritual ailments. When Baltic Amber is worn in direct contact with your skin,  the warmth of your body releases trace amounts of healing oils from the amber. These oils contain succinic acid and are absorbed into the skin. The Ancient Celts valued Amber for it’s beauty, protection and healing properties.

Amber is excellent for helping the body to heal itself. It can also be used to cleanse the environment of negative energy. Amber helps clear the mind, balance the emotions and eases stress by removing energetic ties that create stagnation and blockages in the chakras. It’s warm golden light  infuses your body with healing and helps transform negative energy  into positive energy.






“Amber is like a time capsule made and placed in the earth by nature herself.” ~  David Federman







Carnelian ~ is a variety of Chalcedony that was worn in ancient times for strengthening the blood, health and fertility.  It also helps to assists us in stimulating the first four chakras and increase physical power, creativity and compassion.  Wearing Carnelian  is said to provide protection against the evil eye of negativity and bring hope and good luck. Also believed to be a powerful stimulant of Kundalini energy. Ancient Egyptians used Carnelian as a source of renewal and vitality

“That we find a crystal or a poppy beautiful means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe.” ~ John Berger

Pink Kunzite ~ Kunzite is variety of mineral Spodumene. Mineral Spodumene comes in pink to bluish purple, green, yellow, colorless, blue and other colored varieties, typically light in tone. The pink to bluish purple colored stones are called Kunzite. Medium to pale green stones are called as hiddenite and yellow ones are known as triphane.

Kunzite activates and opens the heart chakra to the energies of Divine Love for all beings, and promotes the impulse towards kindness and altruistic behavior.The soft energy of Kunzite helps one to release energy blocks associated with the heart chakra and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Kunzite is often suggested for sensitive children or those who are affected by the collective energy of crowds, and may help soften the impact of being exposed to harsh or negative people. Kunzite  is a protective stone and is said to provide a protective barrier around the aura when worn as a necklace or ring.

Each variety of Kunzite shares the fundamental properties, as well as the additional specific ones.

Clear Kunzite ~ Assists one in soul retrieval work ~ facilitating the journey back to the moment of the soul loss and may be used as the receptacle for the soul until it is reintegrated into the body.

Yellow kunzite ~ is good for protecting and shielding you from harmful man-made electrosmog~ cell phones, computers and  microwaves. Wear a pendant, necklace or place a piece near  your  computer or other electronics.

Lilac kunzite ~ helps assist one in Ancestral healing work by healing and transforming energetic patterns that do not serve your highest good or distract you from carrying out your life’s purpose. It also helps those who are transitioning to connect with the infinite. Highly recommended for those who are caregivers.

“Ancestral healing is a  shamanic practice that helps one to heal their ancestors’ unresolved emotional and spiritual issues, problems or trauma. It also assists in releasing any energetic patterns that link you to them ~ patterns that may have an inhibiting or a disruptive influence on your life today.”

Green kunzite ~ is also known as hiddenite. it can be used to assists us with gaining knowledge from higher realms.  It also helps an individual release and heal any feelings associated with failure. ~ It may also be used as a pendulum to identify any energy fluctuations and remove any blockages in the chakras. Hiddenite also supports the thymus gland and the heart chakra area.


Blue Kyanite ~ Aligns and cleanses all the chakras and subtle bodies automatically and immediately, and is one of the few stones that never needs cleaning or clearing. It also opens the throat chakra~  encouraging communication and self-expression. Best when worn near the throat chakra. ~ A stone known to enhance tranquility, calmness, as well as communication and psychic awareness. Kyanite is a tool for meditation, visualization, dream work and one of the best for use as an attunement stone.



Black Kyanite ~ used for removing negative energy and assists one when working with  spirit guides, shamanic journeying and ancestral healing work. Helps remove stagnant energy from the root chakra and bring it back into balance. When placed on any of the chakras, it will help repair any tears or holes in the chakras and the aura.


Black Kyanite is often used to explore past lives and also used for grounding and protection. It is believed to assists us in keeping open the lines of communication between people, helping us to resolve  issues of conflict and misunderstanding.








“Stone, maybe more than any other material, has been known forever to be magical, to have powers to heal, guide, house divinity, and mark places of burial. Altars are usually of stone, as are temples, oratories, and sometimes houses. Rock gardens invite meditation, and stone walls, a common sight in New England, do more than mark boundaries; they evoke memories of the people who once lived on this land of ours and give rise to speculation about early visitors from Europe and ritual megaliths and dolmens. ~ Thomas Moore ~ Quote from the book “The Re-Enchantment  of Everyday Life.”

“Everyday Goddessing  is about sharing magical techniques and sacred wisdom with other beautiful Goddess women. I believe that within every woman there is a goddess, a wise woman, beautiful, creative, powerful, with a deep soul, and that everything we need and are looking for is already inside  each of us.” – Rose Arizmendi

Tools For Personal Healing

The Etheric Weaver

One of my favorite tools for personal healing is the Etheric Weaver. I purchased mine about nine years ago just after experiencing a full body Etheric Weaver treatment.

I have found the Etheric Weaver to be a wonderful addition to my Reiki practice and I use it often as part of my own personal healing regime .

However, I would like to also mention that you can do the same type of healing work with a pendulum or any other healing tool. The secret is to intend that your pendulum is a healing tool. It’s that simple!

Etheric Weavers are crystals ranging from 3.5″ to 7.5″ in length with two small magnets on either side, circled in copper wire with a chain attached to the top. The clear quartz crystals are wrapped in colored theatrical-light gel. Each color creates a specific frequency that resonates with the body and realigns the energy field in the etheric layer.

It’s very simple to use – simply hold it over anything or anyone, like a pendulum. For self healing you can suspend the Etheric Weaver about 3 to 6 inches above your left palm while holding the weaver with your right hand. Clear your mind and be very still. If the weaver starts to spin or move in any direction, hold it over that area until the movement stops.

The Etheric Weaver balances and aligns the whole meridian system, the chakras and heals blockages and rents in the etheric field.

Etheric weavers may also be used for personal healing, helping loved ones and friends, space clearings, pets, plants, long distance healing, meditation and awareness.

The Etheric Weavers are designed by H.H. Jetsun Gyalwa Jampa Gonpo and handcrafted by Western Buddhist monks and nuns.  Visit their website for more information.

The Sacral Chakra

Energize and stimulate your second Chakra with this beautiful video. The Sacral Chakra is located in the lower abdomen and it’s Sanskrit name is Swadhishtana. Physical dysfunctions can manifest as lower back pain, pelvic pain, urinary problems and sciatica.

The spiritual lessons of the second Chakra have to do with creativity, manifesting your dreams, honoring relationships and learning to just “let go”.

When this chakra is too open, we may find ourselves feeling everyone else’s emotions or be over run by our own emotions. If the chakra is closed down, we may feel sluggish, out of touch with our emotions, lack luster and bored. We may also lack enthusiasm and passion in our lives.

Energize & Enjoy . . .


Pendulums & Flowers

Pendulums are often used as tools for spiritual healing and inner growth, and also used for measuring levels of energy and detecting imbalances in the chakras and human energy fields.

Personally, I use a pendulum when doing energy work on myself and others, to read energy fields and Chakras. I also use it to determine what herbal preparations, supplements, vitamins, homeopathics or flower essences are best for me to use.

Pendulums can also be extremely effective for distant healing, and for clearing houses of unwanted energies.

To use a pendulum, all you need to do is simply hold the intention that the pendulum is a healing tool, and understand on a very deep level that we are all one, there’s no separation. We are divine and we are all infinitely powerful.

“We are Divine enough to ask and we are important enough to receive.” – Wayne Dyer

“Teach only Love, for that is what you are.”  – A Course In Miracles

Springtime & Chakras

Springtime Flowers

Springtime is the perfect time for clearing out and balancing the three lower chakras.The first, second & third chakras are those that relate to the physical realm in everyday life, and when balanced they help us flow and move through the everyday issues of life with more ease.

Without some kind of  balance in the lower chakras we may experience difficulties with manifesting and achieving our goals, concerns about physical survival, unbalanced emotions, lack of will power, feeling ungrounded, and an overly active mind.

Here are some ways to help balance the three lower chakras;

First Chakra – Located at the base of the spine the Muladhara Chakra, along with the foot chakras, ground us to the material plane.The issues related to this chakra concern physical security, career, home and safety, grounding, and our connection with the earth, and our physical body.

  • Gemstones to balance the first chakra are ruby, garnet, bloodstone, or red jasper, black tourmaline, obsidian, smoky quartz.
  • The Mantra related to this chakra is “Lam”.
  • Affirmation – I have everything I need.
  • Aromatherapy Oils – Myrrh, patchouli or vetiver.
  • Chakra Balancing Strategies – Physical activity, walking, Hatha yoga, massage, and connecting with nature.

Second Chakra – Located just below the belly button, the Sacral Chakra relates to our emotions and sexuality and especially how we connect with others. In this chakra we may experience difficulties with creativity, sexuality, frustration, addictions, anger, low self esteem issues, and difficulties accepting change.

  • Gemstones to balance the second chakra are carnelian, orange calcite, fire opal or tangerine quartz.
  • The mantra related to this chakra is “Vam”.
  • Affirmation – I embrace life.
  • Aromatherapy Oils – Ylang Ylang, sandalwood, clary sage, or fennel.
  • Chakra Balancing Strategies – Movement, Dancing, boundary work, inner child work, creativity exercises.

Third Chakra – located at the base of the rib cage in the upper abdomen, the Solar Plexus Chakra is the ego and power center and relates to will power, how we define ourselves, and emotional expression. Here we may experience difficulties defining our boundaries with others, an overly active mind, lack of will power, unbalanced emotions, control issues, and oversensitivity.

  • Gemstones to balance the third chakra are Amber, tiger’s eye, citrine, and yellow topaz.
  • The mantra related to this chakra is “Ram”.
  • Affirmation – I am at peace with myself and others and I release all unresolved emotions.
  • Aromatherapy Oils – Lavender, rosemary,marjoram, cedarwood, hyssop or bergamot.
  • Chakra Balancing Strategies – Deep relaxation, vigorous exercise, grounding exercises, psychotherapy, psychcosynthesis journal work, self esteem building exercises and activities.