A vision of Peace

Today there are many groups of people around the world praying and meditating for Peace and you can join them . . .  Simply take a minute or two out of your day to clear your mind and hold a vision of peace for all humanity.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Chanting Om by Music for Deep Meditation

We pray to the great Spiritual Power in which
we live and move and have our being.
We pray that we may at all times
keep our minds open to new ideas and shun dogma;
that we may grow in our understanding of the nature of all living beings
and our connectedness with the natural world;
that we may become ever more filled with
generosity of spirit and true compassion and love for all life;
that we may strive to heal the hurts that we have inflicted on nature
and control our greed for material things, knowing that
our actions are harming our natural world and the future of our children;
that we may value each and every human being
for who he is, for who she is,
reaching to the spirit that is within,
knowing the power of each individual to change the world. – Dr. Jane Goodall

Mandala Healing Kit

I purchased this kit several months ago and had forgotten all about it until yesterday. The kit contains pictures of mandalas, colored pencils, a guided audio CD, a 96-page workbook, stencils and special paper.

This kit is one of life’s little gems and nurtures one’s spirit in many surprising and amazing ways . . .


I had to abandon the idea of the superordinate position of the ego. … I saw that everything, all paths I had been following, all steps I had taken, were leading back to a single point — namely, to the mid-point. It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the centre. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the centre, to individuation.
… I knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the self I had attained what was for me the ultimate. – C. G. Jung.

The “squaring of the circle” is one of the many archetypal motifs
which form the basic patterns of our dreams and fantasies. But it
is distinguished by the fact that it is one of the most important
of them from the functional point of view. Indeed, it could even
be called the archetype of wholeness.

– from Mandalas. C. G. Jung. trans. from Du (Zurich, 1955)

Happy Holidays 2008

May your Holidays be filled with peace, love, joy, good health and the warmth of family & friends.

The Lady with the Unicorn

Photo of “The Lady with the Unicorn”.

O the Ivy O, she’s the Queen of old, and the Holly he is red. Hang ‘en high in the farm, and us won’t come to no harm Till the Christmas days be told. – Old Somerset Carol.

Winter Solstice

December is the darkest month of the year and many of us experience sadness and depression as the days grow shorter and the nights longer. On the Winter Solstice, it’s as if the earth holds it’s breath during this time of transition between dark and light, cold and warmth, shortage and abundance, life and death.


The cold, dark, gloomy days may make us feel that the darkness is ever closing in, tightening it’s grip on us, yet the wheel of the year is now turning toward the light, so gather your loved ones close, read stories to one another, light candles, celebrate with song, food and give thanks for everything you have.

“Stories are medicine. I have been taken with stories since I heard my first. They have such power; they do not require that we do, be, act, anything — we need only listen.” -Clarissa Pinkola Estes


It’s been a rather busy day and I am looking forward to a hot bath and a good nights sleep.

Celtic Woman is one of my favorite all time groups and I love listening to their music. Here’s one of my favorite Holiday songs performed by the group.

Have a great weekend!

Celtic Woman – Carol Of The Bells