Winter Solstice

December is the darkest month of the year and many of us experience sadness and depression as the days grow shorter and the nights longer. On the Winter Solstice, it’s as if the earth holds it’s breath during this time of transition between dark and light, cold and warmth, shortage and abundance, life and death.


The cold, dark, gloomy days may make us feel that the darkness is ever closing in, tightening it’s grip on us, yet the wheel of the year is now turning toward the light, so gather your loved ones close, read stories to one another, light candles, celebrate with song, food and give thanks for everything you have.

“Stories are medicine. I have been taken with stories since I heard my first. They have such power; they do not require that we do, be, act, anything — we need only listen.” -Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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