Mystery Cat

This time of the year is filled with all things Halloween and it’s almost time for all the little witches, ghosts and goblins to roam the streets in search of goodies. Are you ready?

Today I was watching the golden autumnal light catching the trees on fire and found myself thinking about how mystery and magic seems to be everywhere and sometimes where it’s least expected.

I found a big beautiful black cat in my garden while I was picking two ripe pomegranates from our tree. There he was, larger than life peering down at me from his perch high above, so I turned to place my fruit on a table near by and when I turned back around he was nowhere to be found. Spooky!

I quickly left the garden and returned to the house, and when I opened the back door I was greeted by the smell of homemade bread baking in the oven.Yum!

The Fires of Samhain

“Meat, beer, nut mast, chitterlings,

They are the dues of Samhain;

A merry bonfire on the hill,

Buttermilk, fresh-buttered bread.”- Irish Poem

Faery – Combined Media – 10 X10 inches

“A strange black cat on your porch brings prosperity.” – Scottish Folklore

Everyday Goddessing  is about sharing magical techniques and sacred wisdom with other beautiful Goddess women. I believe that within every woman there is a goddess, a wise woman, beautiful, creative, powerful, with a deep soul, and that everything we need and are looking for is already inside  each of us. – Rose Arizmendi

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