June Facts

June is one of my favorite months. The weather is warm and the days long.

June Facts

  • Birthstone – Pearl is known as the stone of wisdom. It helps elevate your spirits and self acceptance.
  • Birth Flower – Rose –  Associated with healing, spirituality, love, protection and is believed to enhance ones psychic abilities.
  • Summer Solstice is celebrated on June 21st.
  • June was named after the Roman Goddess Juno.

Midsummer Eve was known as one of the three nights of the year when the veil between our World and the Otherworld grows thinner. It is said that faeries would join in the festivities, mingling with the human revelers on this special night.

So pull up a chair . . . relax . . . and enjoy this beautiful video.

“Where the water whispers mid the shadowy rowan – trees
I have heard the Hidden People like the hum of swarming bees:
And when the moon has risen and the brown burn glisters grey
I have seen the Green Host marching in laughing disarray”
– Fiona MacLeod

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