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An affirmation opens the door.  It’s a beginning point on the path to change. ~ Louise Hay

So simple and so true, that if we repeat affirmations and seed words often enough and take action, things begin to happen. The subconscious mind, on a deep level will register repetitive affirmations and words as true and will support you in creating what you want.

Whether we are trying to create something new in our life or eliminating something unwanted from our life ~ Affirmations work.

I created the affirmation collage above using the archetypal image of the rose, a symbol most often associated with the heart chakra, the Divine Feminine and mystery. I then added words that have special meaning for me using Photoshop.


“What Jung called ‘the moral obligation’ to live out and to express what one has learned in the descent or ascent to the wild Self. This moral obligation he speaks of means to live what we perceive, be it found in the psychic Elysian fields, the isles of the dead, the bone deserts of the psyche, the face of the mountain, the rock of the sea, the lush underworld – anyplace where La Que Sabe breathes upon us, changing us. Our work is to show we have been breathed upon – to show it, give it out, sing it out, to live out in the topside world what we have received through our sudden knowings, from body, from dreams and journeys of all sorts.”
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes



“Everyday Goddessing  is about sharing magical techniques and sacred wisdom with other beautiful Goddess women. I believe that within every woman there is a goddess, a wise woman, beautiful, creative, powerful, with a deep soul, and that everything we need and are looking for is already inside  each of us.” – Rose Arizmendi

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